January 5, 2018



I hear the thunder, and I hide under the blanket, I hold Daniel and swear I will never let him go. I see the palm trees drifting away in the wind, and I feel confused. Winter came knocking on our door, and I don’t know if I should be happy or sad. I only know that I don’t feel like wearing layers and more than that I just don’t feel like giving the stormy weather attention. 


But the things I want not always can become my reality. Well, on the list when it comes to weather. So if the rain is playing 
With us, I realized I should act the same.  Instead of doing all the winter ceremony’s like;  Sit next to the oven, drink Hot chocolate, watch ten different Movies and then call it a marathon, give hugs and cuddles Under the sheets and sip sups till’ death. We game up to the perfect plan; 


We’re going to go straight forward with the cold weather and style ourselves for a typical Europen winter we’re going to meet a week from now in Milan Fashion Week. Yes! Our first and not last Fw his coming and we need to set up our entire looks. And that’s my friend how we choose to deal with this stormy weather. 


For me, it was the long sleeves black blazer. When I think about most of my looks for the events I always see a very cool blazer. It is my thing these days. I just love the combination of the man style and the feminine look that I dared to mix with a sexy black underskirt. To pop up the colors in my life I wore a green patterned button shirt and red lipstick that somehow always make me look like an authentic Italian girl. And I’m all in. 


For Daniel, it was effortless this time. When a man has an obsession with something life is so much easier for the female companion, the obsession I’m talking about is for the long wool coat. He will live and die in this coat that’s all I can say. Combined with his beloved orange piece from his tracksuit and he feels at home. An eastern Europen, proud Romanian. As a closer, he pulled it off with blue straight fit jeans folded up for a glance of white socks, if you still didn’t get it, those sorts of things that a makes a good look to an epic look. 

That’s it for now. See you soon in our Fashion week adventures. We’re excited and promise you the coolest inspirations. Xxx 

Have the best storm ever. 




HE- Wool coat; Zara / Jeans; Zara / Tracksuit; Flashback vintage store / Shoes; Diesel 


SHE- Blazer; Zara / Button shirt; Itay gonen vintage / Skirt; Diesel / Shoes; Zara / Earing; Born from rock 












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