December 25, 2017






The thing I'm going to describe to you now will be a meeting between a dream and reality.
A week ago we worked on a new project that included; BMW, Daniel, and I. Without any guidance, direction or course of action, it just happened. BMW decided to throw on us the pleasure of traveling with a 300-meter motorcycle. The reaction was; it's a dream, but in life, it was a reality. 

Of course, we did not refuse to this unusual moment because the target was clear; An opportunity for chill vibes, nature, and a touch in the extreme. While Daniel hovered in the motorbike plant and rode over the milk paths when the final goal was to reach the North Star, my role was to decide what we were going to wear.

This time it was clear to me that I did not look for the place to be sophisticated, all I wanted was to pass on to our feelings the classical but still daring kind of vibe. it became clear to me that, this is my way of playing with the inner nature that lives inside me. It is simple, not effortless and knows how to score a single object that sanctifies the purpose for which it is intended; Driving on an open road, high-speed gear, roughness, and audacity. It was clear to me that only the classics would do the trick on the wild side. Without hesitation, I pulled out our Biker jackets, and when they did, they were meant to go along with a heavy motorcycle plus a woman companion.


In the male case the Biker Jacket was meant to glorify machismo, but for balance and breaking stereotypes we combined it with a brightly tailored trousers that served delicacy and romance, and for a shirt, we combined a colored t-shirt to throw some color into the monochromaticity. In the case of the women, the biker jacket was designed to enhance the uncompromising voice of the 90's, combined with a bright, high-cut Levis, a white crop top and stiletto heels that gives a sexy element for the complete look.
Together it looks like a dream, but in life, it can be your reality.











SHE Leather Jacket; Zara / Beret hat; Steve Madden / Jeans; Levis / Heels; FRANCESCO RUSSO / Sunglasses; Poppy lissiman





HE Leather Jacket; Top Man / T- shirt; Zara / Button shirt; Andersson Bell / Pants; Andersson Bell / Boots; All saints / Sunglasses; Saint Laurent











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