December 12, 2017


Winter is coming and joining the cold weather so as the COZYNESS  we're all comforted when there is no beach or other summer activity. So, for the occasion of this time of the year, we are happy to reveal the Danish trend, the one who makes all the cuddle lovers from all over the world go insane. Meet - HYGGE - the addiction is on us.

Do you know those moments when it's weekend, you look out of the window, and the Sun forgot to go out through the clouds, gentle raindrops knock on the window, and the smell of baking emerges from between the rooms in the House. You dressed in your pajamas and know there is nothing you need to rush into, you enter the kitchen, making some tea, yummy breakfast and enjoying the sound of an ultimate weekend song. Then? Good luck, you felt the sense of HYGGE!  That was the classic example to describe the sensation that the Danish Word HYGGE intends. In the Danish culture which tends to put a lot of emphasis and awareness for aesthetic pleasure and comfortable lifestyle in all disciplines; architecture, fashion, food and more This word is The culmination of this feeling described and the lifestyle they care to love. HYGGE which symbolizes cozy and pleasant sensation at some moment can happen in situations where you're alone, friends, animals,  any place or time. Most feeling that in certain moments but many feel it in moments like sipping a cup of coffee in a morning of a day off, walking in nature during twilight, snuggle on the couch at the end of the day after a good meal, looking at a candle flame on a gloomy day and more.


The pace of life that characterizes our generation summaries up into an Instagram or Pinterest feed. They are the perfect platforms to expose HYGGE to their fans and for the rest of the world to know. In a time where our eyes are always looking for every single moment at a composition or a picture which will make the grey cells of our brain to move - It's not that weird to say that; we need it like air to breath, we live for these moments. So that's why the Danish people considered to make it easier for us by inventing the HGGYE word. With a brief skimming in Pinterest, you will get million ways and ideas to wrap yourself around people that will give you that feeling. Since I introduced to this incredible Word, I noticed that Tel Aviv culture has its version to create this sense of joyful HYGGE. Therefore, until the next coffee break, where you'll explore a bit more about it, here are five ways to HGGYE yourself like a proper Tel Avivian

1.weekend cozy;  A Saturday morning pleasure in beD. 


Recommended nighebroods to place your bed and explore the vibe; Neve Zedek ( Shabazi st.) , kerem hateimanim ( Yom Tov st.) , Lev Hair ( Ehad haam st.).  


2. Soul cozy; Bikram Yoga at Studio Sol in the morning.




Recommended Yoga places in Tel Aviv; Studio sol , LockeRoom, Yoga Levontin.


3. BEACH COZY; Begin or end of the day with a meditation on the beach.




 Recommended beaches in Tel Aviv; Geula beach, Alma beach, Frishman beach


4. vibe cozy; AFTER Seeing outside become night, going out to sit in the neighborhood bar for light beer or red wine.





Recommended Bars in Tel Aviv; Romano, Rotchiled 12, Minzar


5. cultural cozy; Friday morning at Old Jaffa.






 Recommended places in Jaffa; Flea Market, Kalamate, Cafe Puaa.





















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