November 13, 2017


Do you remember that moment when you were looking for the best position to fall asleep in an economy class on a flight for your summer vacation? Probably not anymore, but it's okay to miss that feeling. Speaking of it, I will not forget those days of happiness, when the sun shone on my face, and the mimosa beside the pool caught my attention and distracted me from what was happening in the fashion world. It was that time of the year when the rest of the world was preparing for the upcoming winter season in everything related to what to wear. And me? Maybe I was in heaven, but as a professional fashion addict I have already done my research, and today I am here for you.





It continues to arrive only this time with an emphasis on even more extreme textures and combinations; Corduroy, Overcoats, Print suits. Yes, friends, the Seventies is here to stay and the more you adopt this style, the more likely you will take advantage of your wardrobe in light of the combinations of colors and textures possible. From the Seventies trattoria of the Mamu has been said that this is the place to surprise yourself and those around you with an unusual, intriguing and inspiring looks.


Prada ( Via Vouge Runway )

 Chloe ( Via website )

 Nina Ricci ( Via Vouge Runway )

 Isabel Marant ( Via Vouge Runway )


In perfect contrast to the 70's period fragrance, the sparkle and metalness bring with them the futuristic aspect And the technology that delivers us back to earth from the dreams of Woodstock. From a small touch of sequins to a complete metallic look that you will immediately send to the crazy New Age present in our existing reality.


Darias Van Notten ( Via Vouge Runway )

Christopher Kane ( Via Vouge Runway )


MSGM ( Via Instagram )

Yohei Ohno ( Via Vouge Runway )


White shoes

I do not think any of us expected this, but without our noticing they came to us, from the depths of the famous Bar Mitzvah mustache, the kitschy white shoes that in Israel are well connected to the uniform in a Georgian event. And I know some of you will think it's not a new proposal but, all the magic is to understand how to play it white on any other shoe that is not Adidas Stan Smith. This time, we will cleanse their bad reputation (and have no choice to polish them to preserve their white color) by treating them as an accessory that adds a fresh breeze of the 1960s to every gray or gray outfit.




Tibi (  Via Instagram )

Joseph ( Via Vouge Runway )


 Jil Sander ( Via Vouge Runway )



Red head to toe
Yes, the Red color will flood us this season. Whether you do not buy a red lacquer boot, the thought will attack you at night. The Mamu inside tip - It's fun to play with the contrast of the bright red color and the fresh athletic look that perfectly balances romance And sensuality in the red, and so you will not feel that you have come out of the movie Charlie's Angels or in a devil costume. You're welcome.


 Lemaire ( Via Vouge Runway )


 Ports 1961 ( Via Instagram )



 Max Mara ( Via Instagram )






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