October 30, 2017





I remember the first day the vinyl touched my body. It was at the age 11 when adulthood characterized by excessive curiosity. Well, in my case everything was too much, all the things I wanted was too much, all I dreamed of was too much.
And when I think about it, until today I'm playing it dangerous with everything related to overreact.


Don't get me wrong, too much is not too bad, it just serves as a metaphor for people who like to push the limits, those who give the tone (mood) and dare. They don't know anything else, excessive for them must start with the morning coffee. At the same age, one of my favorite hobbies was to pry into my big brother's rooms; it was the best kind of detective assignments for me (statute law is here for insiders). Anyway, a massive and groundbreaking probing brought me with a black vinyl suit that I subsequently discovered was stolen by my brother's fanatic girlfriend, from the laundry rope of the man who was considered back then a pioneer for the exaggerating people. *


I didn't realize it at first. Rude, hard and shiny, a little too much for the little girl who hasn't understood life yet. So I tried it, and in a minute I swear I got everything about it.
Confidence, daring, strength, progressive thinking, it felt like being in front of a crystal ball that predicts the future and knows all the characteristics I was meant to meet and eventually be.


Today I'm 29 years old, not a child but sometimes naive, and I don't need to steal clothes from other people laundry rope ( like other crazy people did ). Because the truth is I don't need to search elsewhere when I found it just under my virtual nose. A random meeting with Cheap Monday red vinyl pants got me the feeling of the 11 years old girl who didn't know back then she was created from the material of people wearing vinyl. **


* Aviv Gefen 

** Obsessive-compulsive borders disorder, live only once so don't bother them, daring and breaking barriers of there own or anyone who needs them.




Pants; Cheap Mpnday for belle & sue / Sweater; Uniqlo / Heels; Zara / Pouch; Zara / Earings; Zara


















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