October 16, 2017

I was surprised ...







When I started realizing that summer over something inside of me refused to accept the sadness, which is strange. I am a typical groovy beach girl, so how do I have the chance to spend time at my favorite spot? Now when it's getting chilly, and I feel the goose pimples take over me, and when the last thing I will want to do is to be paddling like a little mermaid at the sea just when transmission degrees drops and it feels like the summer moved on and he never thought of me before that. Ok, now officially I'm overreacting, a typical behavior by me :). Now let me explain what happened and why I feel the joy instead of crying like a baby as the summer pass. I just love the feeling surrounding the signs of a new season. The coolness forcing me to wear a long shirt at night, the smell of the rain and the boots I've hardly neglected even not in the warmest days, best of all is the lack of commitment to wear long or short. This diversity makes me feel good,  with these new fragrances my brain cells starting to relax, feels like a fresh start and it makes me fall in love into Fall.  


Have the best crush ever, xxx.  


Fall into fall with us.



HE- Shirt; Bankussi / Jeans; Diesel / Boots; G- star / Sunglasses; Ray Ban 

She- Shirt; Flashback / Skirt; Diesel / Boots; Cheap Monday / Pouch; Zara













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