December 13, 2016


I dreamt a dream. I was walking 40 thousand kilometers and I still didn’t reach my destiny.

All that I felt was my energy draining and that im on the verge of desperation.

But still I know I had to go on.

The feeling of desperation was floating over me, sending me clouds of fogginess, and procrastination. Forgetting my destination for a moment.

So I decided to stop for a moment, rest, collect energy and recharge my legs and feet.


Suddenly a forest appears, I cannot deny my surprise

Luckily nothing scares me, so I entered the forest.

Walking between the sparkling trees

For a moment feeling as if im in a fairy tale and soon I will meet little red riding hood,

hi five her and sit to chat about life, We will laugh together on the mistakes of the past,

wolves and other animals as such.

However, this was not the case. And im really getting tired.

I walked a little further, maybe for another five minutes

Breathing heavily and coming close to tears

What did I ask for? Only for a place, a comfortable cosy place to rest my head?

Then a heavenly creature appeared, just like in the movies, tall, thick moustache and a smile from ear to ear.

Not a second went by and he asks “ do you come here often? “

And I: For real?

Im tired I replied, I just stopped here for a moment please leave me be.


I woke up from a restful sleep, covered with a golden cape,

There he was lying over me like a guardian angel

I smile at him. Why are you still here? I asked

“im here because you are a princess, and princess need to be protected. It is my destiny to protect you”. 

In an instance I felt rejuvenated, full of energy ready to run for the Olympics.

Want to join me on an adventure? I asked.

He took my hand and carried me deep into the forest.

There he whispered “ I know where you are going. I am also going there, shall we walk together?”

What a sweetheart I thought, wanted to be a gentleman and have me say YES!


He carried me on his shoulder and on our way we went.

My destination felt like it was growing even further than the speed of light,

though it was much simpler to walk as two.

During our journey we talked about the wonderful destination, where our dreams can come true,

Where women wear Victorian dresses, old fashioned jewellery, cabaret hats in variety of colors.

Where men wear moustaches, colored with different suites, and hand clocks.

That is where we are heading.

The place where everything can happen, where the sky has no limit

Freedom is a law and fashions is the ten commandments.

So while we are chatting away, walking and walking and planning what we will wear when we get there, we decided to try our luck and hitch a ride

Who knows? Maybe this dream is going to be a fairy tale

What I know for certain – I will never stop dreaming.





SHE- Pants & Shoes Zara / Coat Privete collection / Scarf Flashback 

HE- Jeans Lee / Shirt Huf / Blouse Pull & bear / Boots G- Star / trench Privete collection




 Coat Flashback / Jacket Privete collection / Sunglasses Moscot


 Coat & Pants Flashback / Shoes Vans


 Jeans Zara / Hoodie Hanes / Hat Vans / Sarafan Shir Naeh / Boots Zara


 Jeans Levi's / Turtelneck Flashback / Cardigan Flashback / Shoes Zara



SHE- Dress Zara / Blouse Flashbak / Boots Zara

HE- Turtelneck Zara / Pants Flashback / Shoes Zara














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