Once upon a time

Ofir Levi, 30 was born in Jerusalem in 1988 and grew up in Petah Tikva. She currently lives in Tel Aviv with her boyfriend, Daniel. Ever since she was a child, she loved all things aesthetics and beauty, and she always knew that this passion would be something that would accompany her throughout her life. She always found herself in an artistic environment, studying dance, acting, and always had a keen interested in art and creativity. She traveled the world for a year, chasing after and exploring new things to discover and learn about, all in search of her passions. During her journey, she realized that fashion is an integral part of her life. After returning from her travels, she began working in an Israeli fashion designer studio in Tel Aviv. It was there that she studied a lot about the fashion world. Today she is a creative director. In 2017 Ofir finished her degree in communication at the Open University. Finding the world of communications very interesting, particularly the way technology is empowering people to be whatever they want to be. Somewhere along the way she realized that she wanted to combine the two worlds of fashion and communication.


Daniel Orbach, 28, is her partner. He is a creative type, addicted to the Vespa motorcycle lifestyle, and has been growing a mustache since he can remember. Recently he was introduced to the world of carpentry and realized that this is the place where he finds a connection to the world of design that he loves so much. He wants to create and challenge himself every single day.


will expose you to the simple life of a Tel Avivian couple who live their lives like they want to, trying to find MAMUand design. All in one fun world, MAMU is a fashion and lifestyle blog created by Ofir and Daniel. Combining photography, travel, art, music, food, fashion, the way to fulfill their dreams. 





+972545220577, Tel Aviv.

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